Being a Diploma Holder(Mechatronics Engineer)

Being a freshmen at Department of Mechatronics Engineering  of NUST and a keen observer, it would not be wrong when I put with complete honesty that you find this place hovered with threats, threats of signing up for a time of four years full of threats, and when passing out you look out for careers and figure out it is a degree full of threat.

I remember my first day in this department and being in face with the first threat. Having heard already that worst ragging is authorized and registered in the history of this department, I thought that I was ready for what was coming. Just after the first lecture by Prof. M.A Khan, guys from senior degrees were waiting for us. Girls were eliminated from the class as ‘x’ is eliminated from an algebraic problem and then all was between ourselves, seniors, desks, benches ,our ties and belts. We were forewarned that the seniors here, in terms of being unforgettable, shock giving capacity and recurring the shock waves, are a lot like Earthquake of 2005 , the only difference was despite of millions this one inflicted lives of only 78. It should be said that after a complicated interaction of two weeks, we were able to breathe. Yet on an advisory note, College Library is a useful place if one wants to avoid such #comedy night like interactions.

Next comes the life of so called damned projects. This one I would personally put as the threat of #Khuwari. In a session with seniors, we were forewarned that Projects here are gonna take your lives. I realized the truth of the premonition when once on coming from MTS department at 14:00, I heard from a senior: “Itni jaldi tum kaise aa gye agar MTS me ho.? Beta G Abhi to time aaye ga jb raat 11 bje wapis aao ge and Finals me b projects kr rahey ho ge.”

Generally, wishes don’t come true that easy. But this wish of that senior got the epic in 2nd semester. In short  #LEGO ne saari kasar poori ker dee.  The foretoken though, that to date tortures every soul at Mechatronics Department is that we are doing #Diploma.

                               Dil me Engineer bn’ney k sapney sjaye jab b pakra solder
To jaana is bezaar dil ne K dont forget U R a diploma Holder

This word was taken so seriously by a degree mate that he asked the Professor ,”Sir! kya Hum Diploma ker rahey hein..??”

The dangerous words of caution like; sub se zyada khuwar MECHATRONICS waley hotey hein has its grasp even at the after graduation and after college times. On a job interview, first question comes out: “What is Mechatronics??”

At any Shaadi or family event, Mechatronics demands a dedicated half an hour to its description and pronunciation. It leaves one heart broken when after half an hour, the listener looks at you as if you work at NASA and are just talked gibberish. Last but not the least, zulm ki inteha EME  trolls pe post honey wali Mechatronics Engineering k barey me posts.
Why joined MTS? Because the name had a shashka
Or us pay bhi zulm ye K Post ki b MTS k student ne hoti hain.

But apart from all this, “Hard work is the key to success” becomes inspirational and self practiced quote of all MTS students. And when we return to our room with a project in our hand, damn it really attracts all other departments including #Velas, #Theetas, #Dabbas.

And whatever it is like, it is sure fun to be #Khuwar in MTS..!!
That is all about the threats faced in the first year of this Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering, in fact being a Diploma Holder!!

Besides all of a fascinating introduction and interaction with 1st semester I had almost 3 years ago, I am still very passionate about Mechatronics Engineering. :p Ohh yeaaahh.. XD


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