Germany! Bijli YES krao

Germany!! Bijli he yes Krwao…


           Bijli hai..?? Nhi hai to kb aaye gee..?? Bijli aaai..??

Well these are the most frequently asked questions in the summer by every Pakistani. I guess Pakistanis consume 10% of their energy asking these whereas Germany is actually paying its people to consume electricity. It might have seemed a “tough to get it” line for you but let’s get a bit closer..

The numbers of our Electricity bills are getting higher and higher day by day since we live in an age of energy-crisis and power shortage. The production of energy to meet the requirements of people is not easily achieved. The companies are charging the people more and the expense of electricity bills is ludicrously high. Amidst all this energy crisis, Germany is actually paying its people to consume electricity. It was all made possible due to natural causes. On a sunny and windy day, the weather propelling its solar plants and wind turbines provided almost all of the energy. The power generated by the renewable sources was so immense that the price actually went negative for a few hours which meant that the people were being paid to consume electricity.


Germany plans to expands its renewable energy sector. | Photo: AFP

Germany is one of the few European nations trying to harness energy from clean, renewable sources while simultaneously trying to unburden its reliance on fossil fuels. Its renewable energy sector is among the most innovative and successful worldwide. Germany aims to be powered entirely by renewable sources only by 2050. Power generation through petroleum and coal increases the carbon emissions of a country. Many European countries, including Germany, are shifting toward renewable sources in an attempt to reduce their carbon emissions for a safer and cleaner environment.

In light of the energy-crisis and power shortage that has been a traditional problem in Pakistan, the government could certainly have a long-term solution at their disposal if they employ the same strategies for the production of electricity as Germany. Or we could just ask Germany to give us some of their power in the near future (hopefully soon) . So I am obliged to request K Germany Walooo! Bijli he Yes krwa doo..!!!!


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