WHAT’S COOKING..??? (Pick up line of an Engineer)

A few days after I joined NUST College of EME, I had interaction with a relative of mine  here. Talking precisely about the couples he witnessed wandering in the campus and making  memories, he made his point clear enough saying that he considers me a very shareef bcha and  that he would be having an eye me in this matter. Well, at that moment, I enusred him that he  won’t see me even with a guy, making memories on EME roads.(I am still a strong follower of that petition).
Anyways, talking about the couples in EME, I have to quote here that “Jorriyan beshak  Aasmanu pe bnti hein lekin Ugly Jorriyan EME me he bnti hein”. Besides this, every friend of mine has his own Romeo Julliet story and then there is the 2nd category of the mates who say” yara koi set krwa de”. Having my deep feelings and respect for both the categories, I myself happened to have a roommate who was expert in he concerned stuff. The guy claimed to have a YES rate of 80% with a pick up line “what’s cooking”. Well, I was amazed enough to try that and the response was generally a NOPE. Perhaps none of the contacted persons knew how to cook.                                                                                               After  being blessed by the “whats cooking” thing, whenever some desperate fellow had such “being a  single” talk, I refered him the same stuff. An analysis of statistics from Mechatronics Department clarified the failure of this pick up line.  Some fellows tried it quite impressively to receive the responses as “aaloo taindey”, “daal kadooo” and “shimla mirchein”.Point to consider is that you have to find some stuff to stay busy instead of interrupting in “Rishtey aasmanu pe Bntey hein” rule or come up with a
better pick up line and if you are lucky enough, you would definitely be blessed to have a reply of “chicken” or “mutton” someday.
I left that room after a semester there but that room and that inventor of “whats
cooking” still makes its presence to thunder louder in every corner of the hostel. Funny thing  is, only that guy has 100% YES rate with his own, authorized and registered “hallelujah” statement.

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