FSc me parh lia hota naa..!!

“My dear, I don’t give a damn.”  – Margaret Mitchell
This quote seemed to hit right ventricle of my heart. “What people will say” is considered to be a trending monopoly of our society in the recent era. Whenever, I plan to do something, I think about what people will review this act of mine. Though their review won’t matter enough to be mentioned anywhere, neither on wikipedia nor in the valuable pages of book of my life. But ultimately me thinking about them instead of  focusing on my strategy would mark them as authors of my life. On a sunny day while I was on my way back to home, I happened to grab a seat besides a swaggy Moustache Man.

Having a look on my bag and me, after 10 minutes of peace, finally he broke his silence by saying, “Perhtay ho??”. While I nodded my head, I had an oceanic series of questions coming on my way. Moustache Man: “Islamabad me kiyun..?” I wished to answer that as “meri mrzi” but being obedient enough to respond nicely, I tried my best to enlighten him with system by which our universities are ranked so clearifying the reason of me studying in the capital. My brief explanation didn’t prove to be his one line answer and I was asked, “Why not University of Gujrat”, “Why didn’t I prefer to stay at hometown” and a series of similar type of encyclopedia. Questions we are asked in Engineering can be termed easy enough when they are compared with such investigation.               When I realized that I was mainlining the secret truth of universe, I made my mind to give up. He commented quite agressively as “FSc me marks kmm aye they?” And I had to say “YES” so he might end up. The moustache man ended with, “FSc me parh lia hota to aaj ye haal na hota”.The funny aspect is sort of same incident happened again after a semester while I was having an internship at PEL. An incharge of a workshop started his investigation as:
Incharge: “Kis university se ho?”.
Me: “NUST”.
Incharge: “Ye kon C university hai?”.
Me: Just surprised to listen that comment.
Incharge: “Mujhe in choti motti universities ka nhi ptaa.”
I was quite amazed and thought perhaps he’s gonna mention Oxford or MIT there, or if not that, then
perhaps he was considering UET. So, I wondered to know that.
Me: “Bs marks kmm aye they to NUST me chla gya”.
Incharge: “Mujhe bs brri brri Universities ka pta hai.”
Me: “UET..??”
Incharge: (While giving a Leonardo DiCaprio look)”Hahaha! Naa Gee”.
Me: “Oxford..??”
Incharge: “Itni chotti..???”
Me: “Sir phr aap he bta dein..?”
Inacharge: ” Beta! Apni Allama Iqbal Open University”..
Well, at that moment he sort of shocked me and perhaps the motor winding section too. I was impressed by the answer. Anyways, what needs to be conveyed is that everyone is the creator of his own choice and viewer of his own thoughts. Their arguments or views do seem funny and they may be not upto the standards of thinking which we are blessed with, may be they ain’t that much educated, they don’t deserve to be protested against their views. Same goes for the “What people will say” thing. You should do what you find suitable enough while planning or choosing something. Do respect the opinions of others, listen to others but in the end, do what fascinates you in best possible way..!!
“Logun ka to kaam hai kehna,unhein kehne do or kehne do”
“Mujhe jeena apne haal me hai, mujhe apne haal me rehne do”


3 thoughts on “FSc me parh lia hota naa..!!

  1. It’s already wrong to judge universities, and then it’s worse to call a university to be smaller than the other. Why? Because we simply don’t know what’s going on in them. Who knows how easy or difficult it is to get budget, faculty, infrastructure etc.? Who knows how difficult or easy it is to manage and maintain these? Who knows how easy or hard it is to perform all of the above without making semester fees or other fees too expensive for the students? And who knows how hard or easy it is to find out about all of these without any biases? It’s just too complex for one to just blatantly call any university he doesn’t know to be trivial.

    What will people say? Well, people are made of individuals. If someone gives an opinion, it’s his/her opinion and not of the people Do you get to know everyone’s opinion before you can conclude that this is what people are saying, and also is it necessary that what people think majorly is right?

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    1. It was just a humorous piece of article about perspectives of some random persons. It didn’t mean to hit some specific institutions or their standings. All of the universities including the one being mentioned mean to us as of great respect. Just take it as a life experience of the writer. I hope you got the point.


    2. The author did not judge or call any institution trivial.
      He just wanted to convey the point that everybody is going to have their own perspective and it shouldn’t matter to you. You should do what you feel is right.
      You probably misunderstood the concept. No need to take it to heart. Every instititute has its own prps and cons and is unique in its own way. So just stay calm and respect what others think and dont criticize.

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