Hostel Life -Sabaq Zindagi Ka

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to get away from home and live an independent life. Well, I would certainly get the opportunity and soon enough too. Somebody once said “be careful what you wish for”.
When I started my university life I was very sad to leave my cherished home but at the same time I was very excited as a new chapter of my life was about to unfold.
In the hostels I was assigned the legendary “room #23”. I still remember that day. My roommate got there before me because I had to visit my relatives for a brief period. I got back in the evening. By that time my roommate had already settled in and made his arrangements in the room. I was really tired and wanted to rest as comfortably as I could. To my disappointment as I laid down on the bed I realized that my mattress had a big hole kind of trench and it was unbearable to sleep on it. As if that was’nt enough the bed was also broken and tilted. After some sleep, I woke up at 6 in the morning to dress up and get ready for 7am mess. When I took my first bite of mess’ aloo wala paratha and realized how tastless and ‘potatoe-less’ it was, something struck me. It was as if my whole life spun around my head for a second. I remembered waking up later in the morning and still getting breakfast made by my Mom. It was a very sad and heart-breaking moment. From then on a hectic life in hostel began. Short circuiting, broken fan, broken bed and tasteless mess food are not even half of the problems you can face while living in a hostel.
Anyways, some of the lessons that you might learn in your hostel life are mentioned below:
1. If your hostel is in Pindi, you get to know the worth of “andey wala Burger”.


2. You can never get enough sleep.

Because studying in class is too mainstream!

3. FIFA and COD become your norm.

**** you CAMPER!

Source: Quora

4. You can sleep almost anywhere.



5. You learn to cherish Ammi ka khaana after mess food.

Is se achi toh ghr k teenday th…

6. You learn to manage 10 friends on a single bench, 5 on a bike and 12 in a rikshaw

Yaar bhai k liy thora adjust maar

7. You learn the value of friendship.


8. Group study becomes the road to your survival.

Hostel life can either break you or make you.
Either way for better or for worst it is an experience that you will remember throughout the rest of your life.

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