Introducing OpenBCI: A revolution for Brain Control Researchers

What is OpenBCI?

It is an open source brain-computer interface platform. OpenBCI was created by Research enthusiasts and engineers like us.

In addition to brain signals it can also sense electrical signals of the muscles and heart. So, don’t be confused by the ‘brain’ in the name as it is a jack of all trades in recording brain, muscle and heart electrical activity, all under a single roof that is OpenBCI.

Hardware:   OpenBCI contains a board for measuring, recording and processing electrical activities produced by the brain (EEG), muscles (EMG), and heart (EKG). It is compatible with many of the available standard EEG electrodes. The OpenBCI board can be interface with the free to use and open source OpenBCI GUI, or with other open-source platforms like OpenVibe.

The 8-Channel OpenBCI board.

The 3D-printed headset which can be bought separately allows the users to place the electrodes as needed to measure and process the signals to their requirement. The headsets can also be chosen from a variety of options and packages based on price and the quantity of electrodes that can be fitted in the headset.

An illustration of the proposed design


Software:       The innovators behind the OpenBCI have also released an easy to use open-source application that can display the processed signals for analysis and study called the OpenBCI GUI. The OpenBCI GUI is available for Wndows, Mac & Linux.

Applications:     The applications of OpenBCI are vast and open new horizons in innovative and research project. It has been used in robotics and engineering to control robots, quad-copters and actuating prosthetics. OpenBCI was also used in conjunction with the EyeWriter eye-tracking system to help a graffiti artist Tempt One who was diagnosed with the degenerative nerve disorder ALS to draw again. The applications are only limited by your imagination!


Aim:    OpenBCI was created with the aim to bring people closer through an open-source platform to solve the biggest challenges in research and innovation through shared knowledge and collaborative effort by the people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Researchers and students around the world can share their data and research for other people to use, or use the prior data provided by the community in their work. They also aim to lower the gap between academia and research and are doing campaign around the world to motivate highschool and college students to adapt the OpenBCI platform for better learning and innovations.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy an OpenBCI kit today and start working on exciting projects!

Check out their website here: OpenBCI Website.

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