Mechatronics Department- Where machines come alive..!!

A few days after I wrote the first article on this degree, on a sunny  morning while I was on my way to department, a senior crossed my way. I won’t take  the name but he is known as an unexplored enigma in the history of this department.  Well, he asked me not to be a Manto against this precious building that follows the  EME bridge. Considering it as a positive aspect, I got another thing to write on, so  thanks be to that enigma.
Talking precisely about the topic, you would see a banner featuring some  robots at the enterance of this department, some shashka is added by the name this  department is blessed with and rest of the work is done by the tagline “Where  machines come alive”. Talking about the personal experience, tagline can be modified

“Where machines don’t work”. To elaborate it, following golden points can be added to make it indescribeably beautiful.
> Where your power boards get burned..
> Where your PCBs hardly work..
> Where your Bot battery gets drained 13 hours before module submission.
> Where you have an atlantic series of projects, quizes and assignments.
> Where you seem to donate almost 4 years of your life.
> Where your bots are doomed just 15 minutes before mini NERC.
> Where you have your final exams in Ramadan.
> Where in final exams, you are hired by a multinational company a hundred times. Keep calm, this doesn’t happen until you are enough like as Bilbo Baggins to find
the ring.
> Where a gigantic part of your pocket money is spent on the projects.
> Where on stairs, you are blessed by the sign boards like “Step Up” and “Step
On the other hand, this buliding and the people who are seen here from 0800
to 1600 are quite good and turn out to be best buddies. I have to quote it here that MTS guys would have their own level of interaction, chills and fun. It’s quite  astonishing to say that they develop a self grossed sense of love for the other guy, they get flattered by the chiknahatt of their fellows and they praise the beauty whether it’s of nature or by nature where ever they see it. It has ultimately transformed me to have a deep affection for these guys. The faculty you see here is one of the best explored enigmas who are mostly EMEnents. From an aspect, Allah has blessed both, this department and the people linked with it, with enough “Husn”.
Besides all the “khuwari” by MTS guys, they are still termed as best chillers. It’s
a little hard to phrase in perfect symmetry but unlike hip hop or item songs’ of  21st century, they are deeply inspired by NFAK(Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) . It’s NFAK having the most played tracks record when it comes to MTS Arena(a place in this department, perhaps I’ll write on it some other day). The green lights strangled at the windows and red ones on the doors present a remarkable feeling of some other world in this Halal place. I won’t write about the people who find their soul mates here, perhaps they are the luckiest ones and worst ones at the same time. A quantifiable prediction about the caged block which is under construction on right side of ASG, is for the beloved couples.

Anyways, all I cans say at the end, is K achey log hein yaar.. XD


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