Learning at your own Pace: MOOC


Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course which anybody can take and attend. It is aimed at unlimited participation and open access is given via the web.

MOOC provides the traditional teaching material such as lectures, problem set and filmed lecures. Additionally, many MOOCs also provide an interactive forums community where students, instructors and professors can interact for better learning. Unlike the physical classrooms the identity of a student over the web is anonymous therefore they feel less timid and can openly interact and ask question from fellow students or instructors to clarify their concepts and understanding of the subject.

The MOOCs provide a very wide variety of courses online for students to study. The courses are not limited to the academic ones only. These courses are provided as an alternative to your daily college/university courses. A single course may be available by different instructors belonging to different cultural and academic backgrounds.

The good thing is you have a lot of diversity and options to choose your courses from. Ever had a difficulty of understanding the courses taught by your teachers? Tired of paying fees for private tuitions? Look nowhere else!  Try MOOCs now!

Through a little research and hard work you can teach these courses to yourself. Search through the massive repository of the courses available at these online institutions. If you don’t like a course just change it and look for the same course by a different instructor.

People at these institutions make the best of their efforts to explain these courses and help you understand in the simplest of ways possible. MIT OpenCourseWare is also an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to promote online education. It provides all of the lecture notes and video lectures to the students all over the world for free.

This portal was created to target a mass number of students and learners who have difficulty finding the resources to properly teach themselves. There are free as well as paid courses. The paid courses are not very expensive either. Udemy (‘your academy’) is one such institution that offers MOOC. Udemy offers paid courses for a maximum capped price of 50$s and has a variety of cut price offers on a lot of courses as well. There is not just one institution but many. There are many such types of institutions with their own packages. Some of them even provide certifications and credits to their students!. Some of the biggest service providers are listed below:


  1. Udemy


It is one of the largest MOOC providers. As of January 2016 the website reported of having served about 10 million students. Udemy provides courses of any type which can be offered to the public. Courses can be charged or have no tuition fee at all. You can either become a student or be an instructor and start a course of your own through which you can earn money as well. They have an android app as well!


Website: Udemy

  1. edX


edX hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. It was created by MIT and Harvard University. As of 24 March 2016, edX has more than 7 million students taking more than 700 courses online.

Website: edX

  1. Udacity


It is similar to other MOOC providers. It even offers professional and career development courses. Udacity and AT&T even announced a program which was designed to teach programming skills needed to qualify for an entry-level IT position at AT&T. AT&T even promised to offer paid internships to some graduates of the program.

Website: Udacity

  1. Coursera


It has a massive collection of online courses. Additionally, courser has also collaborated with a few universities and organizations to provide their courses online. It offers subjects in engineering, physics, medicine, biology, marketing and many more!

Website: Coursera

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