Out of the Box INVENTIONS..!

Problems are faced by everyone, all around the world. But only the engineers and creative peeps are able to find the unique and viable solutions. You may be wearing a smart watch and carrying an iphone with the classy half bitten apple logo but believe me when it comes to trivial issues, you are done. How about saving your lunch from being stolen?? What can you do to cool down your hot spaghetti?? Seems funny? But funny problems also do exist, don’t they? It can be as simple as making a perfectly ‘gol rotti’ or cutting a tomato perhaps. Believe me nobody will entertain our such funny trivial common problems except our very own engineers mates =D Like Miss Pranoti of India who found a solution to the biggest and scariest problems (yes scariest ) i.e. to make a ‘rotti’ which is a perfectly ‘gol’.

In this article, we are going to introduce some of the craziest and unusual inventions of the world.  They may be funny, simple but my friend! They are surely not useless!!


When you are a Mechatronics engineer and belong to the ‘theta awaam’ of the department.

Image credits: http://www.chindogu.com

2.   Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

A perfect treat for a person who secretly brings his lunch and his ‘muftkhoray’ friends jump on him to have a bite. Avoid saving bites and running and hopping and…….

Image credits: Perpetual Kid

3.   Foot powered bike:

Stop running for the lost hidden petrol and have a look at this 😉 Would be a great addition to your ‘Save environment-no pollution’ goodies.

Image credits: fliz

4.   Shower Mic

History knows a lot of singers who just had their first songs in the washroom. Believe me guys, every amateur singer will be loving it..

Available at: Amazon.com

5.   Football Chair

Are you the most lazy fan of Ronaldo? This is surely a thing for you!! Sit and play at the same time on this Football chair.

Image credits: campeggisrl.it

6.   Ostrich Pillow

For a night-over in the arena.. (only Mechatronics engineers can understand that)

Available at: Amazon.com

7.   Electricity free phone speakers

Why buy fancy speakers if you have a bamboo….. :p

Available at: Amazon.com

8.   Neverwet super hydrophobic water resisting spray:

When you have naughty brothers to approach you with the water gun. Developed by Rustoleum, neverwet is a wonderful spray that can waterproof everything its sprayed upon.

Image credits: http://www.techverse.net

9.   Stick and find stickers

An intelligent solution to the statement of our mothers we thought was a myth and just exaggerated sci-fi bezti ‘Soon your possessions will call you when they are lost -_-

Image credits: http://www.techverse.net

10.   Baby Mop

If you have a naughty scrolling baby and dirty flloors in your home. I wish they would have been in a bigger size for all my child visitors ‘Baji mobile do game khelni hai’ .

Image credits: dailymail.co.uk

I hope you would be dying to have all of these right in front of your desk 😉 or atleast beating your head badly on the desk to have them!! :p  Just exaggerating but let us assume you enjoyed the article. Keep following us for more fun-filled and crazy articles to  amuse yourself with the cutting-edge and drollest technology treat coming in. 😉

So, this is me, Midhat, the first Pakori writing for this Pakora blog and this is my first pakora article.. P.S there are no games in my phone.. xD

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