Science of Dreams

I dream, you dream, every person big or small, rich or poor in this world dreams (though I am not talking about a dream to drive Lambo or visit Switzerland 😛 ) Did you know we sleep for about one-third of our lives, and we have REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep dreams for about one-quarter of that time? Shocking? Obviously, but an actual shock is that we have developed a number of humanoid robots like Asimo, Poppy and Nao etc. but no one is ever completely able to find out why we dream. What is the purpose of our dreams? Do dreams mean anything to us? Why is it so that we sleep 8 hours but remember only a few seconds of our dream? Why some people scream in dreams while others laugh? Why some fell anxiousness while others feel peace after their dreams? Why..? why..? why..? And a long list of why’s cover our mind with a fog of suspicion and curiosity. A lot of disturbing questions cross our mind but become the part of a jigsaw puzzle in our mind palace. For centuries, people are trying to find out the meanings of this single magical word ‘dream’. In fact, the Greeks and Romans were convinced that dreams had certain prophetic powers.  However, Wikipedia defines dreams as:

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur usually involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Do you really understand what that highly structured piece of line means? Are these words enough to clear all those confusions in your mind that bug you more than any calculus problem? Certainly not. Some say: dream is useless activity of your sleeping brain. I must say, there is no more insult to our old sweet brain than this single statement. 😦 But hey do you know you can actually analyze your any freaking or surprising dream? No..?You will believe me once you have a look at which is an online dream analyzer (you can find many more too). You can find a lot of justifications to your dreams. But let me assure you, nobody on this gigantic earth can ever tell you what it actually means. You will find a lot of them, some will make you happy while others depressing you at the same time but this, my dear, will again become a part of your unsolved mystery box. Do you know birds and mammals also dream? Hah, you must be wondering I am being paranoid but hey, believe me or not, dig deep and dreams will make your brain float in the Milky way like those digits which float in the mathematics classroom.

Tom Scammell, MD, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, says:

No one knows why we dream.

I remember once my sister had a dream of her laptop falling down the bridge and torn down to pieces. I once witnessed the war in my dream. (Pardon me for such a horrible dream :p ) But believe me, neither she nor I wanted to have this dream and accept it or not, we never thought of this. But still, many researchers say dreams are all about what you think. But hey I never thought to steal something but I did steal a chocolate in my dream. :/ There are a lot more theories but I can negate every one of it, never mind.

Still other dream theorists say that dreams have a problem-solving function. We can learn to solve a number of problems in dreams that we can do in real life. But wait…you know what we are doing here? We are just trying to render meaning to our dreams by classifying them as a useful or purposeful activity but never on earth you can call your dream a problem solver. C’mon afterall its your dream not some word problem of grade 4. I, many times, had a dream where my room had a roof but still rain was able to penetrate and fall on me passing through it. Does it mean I am going to be the scientist to develop a roof which invisibly can pass rain through it. Funny isn’t it? But I was reading somewhere (though i don’t really believe it :/that the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus was having trouble with a golf swing. However, in a dream he was “hitting them pretty good.” He told a San Francisco Chronicle reporter that he noticed that his hands were positioned differently in the dream, and the next day he remembered the grip, shaving three points off his game.” Woah!!

I was just reading somewhere ‘Don’t like your dreams?? Ignore them’ I couldn’t find a better conclusion to this unending conversation than this. Memorize your dream if you like it, say, you won a lottery  else forget it if you lost a football match or stolen (ssh I never told anything).

I hope you will share your thoughts too. What do you think about the purpose of dreams? Help me solve this enigma and mystery :/



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