CrowdSourcing: A helping hand to your Ideas and resources

Ever had difficulty in managing a project? Or a task? Having trouble managing a lot of the work that has been assigned to you? You don’t have the money to start on your idea? Or you just don’t have the resources or skills to achieve a result… then go for crowdsourcing!

Crowdsourcing is a combination of two words “crowd” and “outsourcing”. It is the process of obtaining required services, resources, ideas or funding by requesting contributions through a large community of people (especially online) .

Crowdsourcing combines the cumulative efforts of people who voluntarily come forward and fuse their contributions to achieve a collaborative result. Crowdsourcing and outsourcing differ in the aspect that outsourced tasks are given to a specific group instead of the mass number of person’s contribution in crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing can include a lot of things such as crowdvoting, crowdsolving, crowdfunding, microwork and creative crowdsourcing. The best known example of crowdsourcing is the Kickstarter platform where different creative projects are given life through a community of online people who provide financial backing to these budding startups. Such type of crowdsourcing is known as “crowdfunding” that is the collection of funds from the crowd.

Crowdfunding is the best solution for young people who aspire to become entrepreneurs and want to realize exciting new ideas that are limited only by their monetary assets.

Henk van Ess, a college lecturer in online communications says:

“Crowdsourcing is channeling the experts’ desire to solve a problem and then freely sharing the answer with everyone.”

Crowdsourcing broadcasts the problems to the public and openly invites the contribution of anyone and everyone for finding the solution to the problem. People discuss their ideas and share their knowledge and collaboratively work together to support their weaknesses and build their strengths for mutual benefit.

CocaCola and Domino’s Pizza have used the social media for crowdsourcing people’s ideas to create a new bottle design and pizza, respectively. Many companies and brands crowdsource ideas from their customers and public to improve their products. If the biggest firms in the world are crowdsourcing then what are you waiting for? Stop waiting and start acting today!

Few examples of crowdsourcing are given below:

  1. Wikipedia2000px-Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.svg

    Don’t even need to describe. Large amounts of people contribute valuable information to this encyclopedia.

    Wikipedia does not need a link >_<

  2. GoFundMe – Crowdfunding for personal events
    gofundme-logoIt allows people to raise money and funds for their life events such as weddings or their medical bills.


  3. Crowdrise- Crowdfunding for charitable causesCrowdrise_logo_326x80.gif

    This platform tries to raise money for charitable donations. It uses a gamification and a rewards point system for luring the users to give donations.

    Raise money for any cause that inspires you


  4. KickStarter – Crowdfunding
    b36221d64e8352d8e08651fbd1d53299.jpgA unique crowdsourcing platform where creative projects are put online for requesting funds from the people. Reports suggest that it has received more than $1.9 billion in pledges from 9.4 million backers to fund 257,000 creative projects including films, music, stage shows, comics, technology and video game projects. The backers are rewarded with premium privileges


  5. Indiegogo – CrowdfundingIGG_Logo_Frame_GOgenta_RGB-2-acdbed8c9b7f24c740e03f2e3fd13f60750a6ccb3817414df4f00a90d518d960

    Similar to Kickstarter. People with ideas look for funds from the online community of investors. It has more international community than KickStarter.
    Indiegogo successfully completed “An hour of code for every student” by


  6. Threadless – CrowdvotingThreadless_Logo

    Claim to be an artist? Prove it!
    A community of online artists and e-commerce website that sells printed tee-shirts and products. The designs are submitted by the people and put to vote and the best designs are selected and printed. They are then sold through their online store. The designers of the selected designs are also rewarded in terms of gifts and cash!

    Check it out here: Website

    Give us your reviews in the comment section below 🙂


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