GAME OF THRONES- Spoilers ruining Friendships and Relationships

Are you among the persons who just can’t resist spoiling stuff and are really known for this precious work in your hostel, university or group of freaks..?? If you are, then certainly you are privileged to be on next level of living the moment. Well, I’m one of the above mentioned sort of creature and I’m really blessed to be one. :p  The world needs to hear your emphatic but vague  almost-thought, and it needs to hear it right that moment you are done with your episode.

Talking precisely about Game of Thrones which has been lingering its perks since two months, I must say that all of those terrible deaths, lavish torture and huge twists, one wouldn’t like to miss the chance of spoiling all the fun and thrill which the GOT fans have waited for all the week. Something about the GOT fans thing fascinates me in the way that a specific category of women having their favorite as “Mann Mayal” and “Pyarey Afzal” also pretend to be a passionate fan of GOT and expect themselves to be nominated for Oscar for this very acting of them.

source: collagehumor

Anyways, let me get straight to the topic. It has come to my close observance that these spoilers can grab you to the verge of THE END of your relationship or friendship. So you either have the option to stay Loyal to GOT or save the relation. And yeah, you can do the both too. xD



So if you are a boring geek or free enough these days, then try some of following ways to get the demon out of you.

  1. Call the concerned person and after having some puzzled talk, just break the spoiler stuff.
  2. Text that person, starting with something really serious and then at a sudden, just do it.
  3. Talk about the spoiler loud enough to spoil everything if you are at a cafeteria or some crowded area of hostel or university. P.S don’t be too much courteous. Keep your voice normal enough to have the taste of the real fun. :p
    GOT 1
    source: collagehumor

    Besides all the fun, keep one thing under consideration. Don’t do it with any Pathan brother, you may end up having the fun the other way around. xD


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