Once Upon A Time There Was 3D!

Are you among those species who hardly bothered about the 3D printing technology? Are you one of those peeps who always thought it would be a fictional lunatic dream to get eyes, noses, and ears direct outta printer? No??? Thank God you saved me from having a mini heart attack, though! But to be honest, I am just like you when it comes to a 3D printed pancake or human face.

It feels like we live in the ancient ruins where 3D printing is barely a common man’s reach (or even known) and there are a few geeks talking about 4D printing in which 3D printed objects are designed with embedded transformational capabilities. Such objects are shape-shifting capable to alter their shape after their formation. Yet a California-based startup Made In Space which earned its fame by sending to the International Space Station a 3D-printer last year,  is striving hard to amaze the amazed peeps.

 You would be pretty much thrilled to catch the words of Clint Stone, who is also a senior partner at Pew Pew Pew Ventures. He is also one of the investors at Made in Space who stopped at their headquarters to put his hands on this newest technology.

You know that movie Brainstorm, it’s like that thing in Brainstorm.


Made in Space announced a 6D printer on April 1st, 2015 which will print whatever you think. The company even had a Beta Program which filled apparently and is in the phase of testing bugs and crashes. Consider it the ‘Modified Aladdin’s lamp’ to fulfill your every wish without you telling your wish yourself; your thoughts are enough to get you what you want. According to company’s press-release, this intelligent printer allows you to use your 6th sense to print the objects. It is a smart amalgam of 3D printing technology and power of telekinesis which is a super-power letting you to manipulate and control using via your mind. Let me assure you this is not a Superman storybook but the face of latest technology that I and you will be using in the near future. Imagine yourself like:


Though this cutting-edge technology won’t be accessible by non-tech guys like us until either we are the Richie Rich kid or a super human to control our thoughts. However, scientists believe that the worst hurdle in this race of printing technology is to grab the required skills and make these smart devices easy to use. Hence, a commercial product is not available yet because of the troubling task of making it handy and harmless. Imagine your stubborn and naughty child using it to print a dragon out and scare the neighbor’s child. Lame? You need to believe it either you wish or not! 😆 But the keynote here is to make the device a securely locked vault calling for the extraordinary skills to unlock it. Though the program has been commenced but even the highest hopes lead us to believe that they would be available to our grandchildren or grandchildren of our grandchildren.

But the future is a wonderland my friend and soon today’s sci-fi movies will become the future predictions. Gear up and fasten your seat belts because this, indeed, is the fastest technology race towards the future world.

Till then, keep reading my articles and share your sci-fi experience with us! 😛

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