COMPPEC – At a Glance


      COMPPEC- Computer Projects Exhibition and Competition is an annual event hosted by the department of computer engineering at NUST College of EME ever since 2002. This events comprises of a multitude of features that encourages the youth across all over the country to come forth and display their hidden talent, promote R&D activities thus strengthening their industry academia as well as getting a chance to interact with other brilliant minds of the country.


     COMPPEC has been carrying on the tradition since 2002. Last year, more than 700 young and bright minded scholars across the country come to exhibit their marvels and compete with their kin in respective categories of the event. The event was considered as a forerunner for creating R&D awareness among researchers. Heavy industry and academia participation with more than 40 universities and industrial professionals made their presence in the event. Panel discussions were carried out where panelists shared their experiences of writing proposals and funded researches. Almost all the projects exhibited were evaluated for potential research funding.

Winners Comppec’15-Embedded Systems


         COMPPEC basically provides certain categories for students to compete in. This year, categories announced for the competition are:

  1. Electromechanical systems
  2. Embedded systems
  3. Mobile apps and games

In addition to these categories, COMPPEC plans to introduce you to National Symposium where the renowned researchers of Pakistan will share their invaluable experiences and innovative ideas.


Perhaps most importantly, however, graduating high school students with records of awards for original research or engineering at the regional fair and beyond, have a distinct advantage over other college applicants in being considered and accepted by the schools of their choice. Students who participate in such technological applications have their projects evaluated by top local scientists from research and industry. Participants whose projects are judged to be worthy of international competition will be judged by the top scientists of the world. Imagine a student discussing a project with a Nobel Prize winner. The exposure and self confidence which such an opportunity generates cannot be quantified.



So all you need to do right now is to register for COMPPEC’16. Submit online application form available on ICT-COMPPEC’s official website. Be part of this amazing event and surely you will be mesmerized by the charm of projects’ exhibition.

URL for registration:

Facebook Page URL:


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