Which type of engineering you should select..?? A decision worth it

“Engineers are behind the cars we drive, the pills we pop and the way we power our homes.”

 James Dyson

Engineering is one of the coolest jobs in the world, but there are so many disciplines it can be a little daunting to choose one for yourself! It’s not scientific or accurate because it really doesn’t matter, engineers do so many things and move around so much there’s no way to predict what path you’ll end up on… so relax!

Talking precisely about the time I had to choose, I was interested in going into engineering, but I couldn’t figure out which field was right for me. Considering the top engineering fields with respect to their merits in universities of Pakistan, I made up my mind for Mechanical Engineering. Being good in arts, my friends suggested me to go for a career in Arts but a part of me didn’t want to end up in there. So, making up my mind for Mechanical Engineering from NUST, I ended up in Mechatronics Engineering. At that time, I had to go through certain disappointment and despair (well thanks be to songs of Arijit Singh which make you remember all the tragedies this life did to you). What I found out later that despite of my wish to opt Mechanical Engineering, I had better understanding of electrical subjects than mechanical ones. Any how it turned out to be better.

I am strong believer of the quote: “Life is a series of decisions and choices. Each decision you make, takes you to another series of decisions. So none of them is wrong one”.

So whatever choice you make, be confident enough that it has its own place in the industrial world. Being enrolled in a good institution makes you professionally groomed, capable to tackle difficult situations of your life and above it being an engineer makes you an all-rounder.

All types of engineering include some form of problem-solving (and generally focus on making life easier), but what engineering-related solution gives you the most buzz? If you choose a subject you’re naturally interested in, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated during your course, and stay involved with the subject whilst pursuing an engineering career. Taking a degree in a particular engineering discipline will typically influence what jobs you can apply for after university and the specialism you have in your career. The career choice you make determines a huge part of the rest of your life. After all, you spend large parts of your life working. The choice for a career or profession is not an easy one. If you find out you have chosen the wrong profession, it is even more important to carefully think about the next step.

  1. Make a choice of university you want to get admission in.

    source: cliparts.co
  2. Consider the closing merits of engineering programs in concerned university.

    source: taleemtutor.blogspot.com
  3. Apply for a program which is more concerned about your interest. It will keep you motivated.

    source: dreamstime.com
  4. Don’t rely on this single selection. Apply for admission in concerned program in every university as a backup option. It won’t do you any harm.

    Source: cogswell.edu.pk

Keep in mind, nothing comes easy in this world. Once you set a goal, you got to struggle for it to earn a place. Even it is the common thinking of our students that they’ll be getting a job with a salary in Lacs once they graduate. Even getting an engineering degree just makes you qualified for the gigantic industrial and academic hustle out there and then you have to make a way for yourself. It might take you 3-5 years to get the place you wished for you or may be more than that. But you have to be patient and carry on the struggle. So the degree is just an oasis in the barren desert.

Following is the link to an online quiz which surely will help you to know which engineering program fits your interests.


Share your thoughts with us and let us know if you have any query or still confused about what you should opt…!! Stay tuned!


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