WAVE: Create dancing LED art

LED based projects are always fun to do. Those tiny shiny object light up the mood when coupled with music or beats. We have all heard about the LED cube projects based on the Arduino. These projects require hardware and some hectic lines of code as well to make those beautiful patterns of LEDs jumping around their states (ON/OFF). Making your own LED cube hardware and soldering them together takes a lot of time and at the end there is always programming!

Introducing Wave. People with such enthusiastic passion and love for LED based projects came with this brilliant invention that takes a lot of load off you. It is cheap, easy and Arduino compatible. How convenient! Wave can create gorgeous and creative LED effects (almost like fireworks) and you don’t really have to do a lot!

You don’t need to have prior knowledge or skills to make these cool LED projects. That is why Wave is here to teach you and make things easier. You learn about programming and electronics hardware while doing project with Wave. Learn from their Open Source Community and build yourself. It is fun and a good learning experience. Be sure to buy one for your kid on his next birthday. J

Please note that Wave specializes in LED based project but it can be used for any projects you imagine. One of the best things is that it is an open Source platform and Arduino compatible! You can use it just like an Arduino and the Arduino IDE can be used to program it.

Wave comes with a variety of packages but the basic things you acquire are as follows:

  1. BreadBro Wave Development Board
  2. Led Strip (No Hardware! Yay!)
  3. Aux cable



So, what are you waiting for? Pre-Order your Wave now from their website to make your own disco lights and dance to their beat!


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