What I see nowadays are the people suffering from the fever of POKEMON GO. “Hey under your bed”, my sister once screamed. I hopped in the fear of lizard and mumbled my prayers. Soon I found my sister under the bed waving her arms in the air which frightened me, though. She was trying to catch some rare POKEMON. Funny… isn’t it? 😛

This is some Nintendo magic!

Serkan Toto, founder of consultant Kantan Games Inc.

What could be more magical than the Nintendo’s Pokémon GO famous like a buzz in dozens of countries? Even the most sluggish and lazy peeps are out in the street to find a Pokémon. Every PC gamer is out in the streets, playing the game and wandering around the never-touched souls. To my great astonishment, people are naming their babies after Pokémon characters… *Jaw drops*

Here are the few things that only our very own Pokémon Go players can understand. ;p I hope you would have gone through every one of this atleast once during your Pokémon adventure. You can thank me later… 😛

1. Pokemon GO players wandering and stumbling around every nook and corner to find the Pokemon.


2. When you jumped in the trash can to find Pokemon but your server crashed just like you did. 😮


3. When your mom found you in the store while catching Rattata in your sleep-walk.


4. When you reached the Pokestop but someone is standing right onto your Pokemon and you… l46caw3bqclvvzvbo

4. When you accidentally hit upon the area you though never existed on your planet.


5. When you are out for a dinner in a fancy restaurant but you found a pokestop there.


6. When your mom sent you to buy grocery from the store.


7. When the pokemon for team Valor is right in front of team Mystic player.. 👿


8. When you told your mom that you walk a length of city block’s distance daily.

Mom: You just said you have found a way to lose your weight. But how?

Me:      By catching Pokemons far away in… *a flying sandal received*


9. When you reached the expert level by catching all the Pokemons available out there.


10. You ditched your friends party to travel 10 km but finally found Rattata.


11. When you are too lazy to get out of your bed but the Pokemon is around the corner of your house.


12. When your Pokemon is found around the naughty child who keeps on asking about the games in your mobile.


13. When your best buddy refuses to play Pokemon GO.


14. When you are having a conversation with non-player of Pokemon.

Friend: What are you doing in the class?

Me: Catching Pokemon under the desk.

Friend: Pokemon GO is the freaking stupid game and…….



15. That feeling when you find out that you have collected more Pokemons than your bright choka friend.


16. When you find out that playing Pokemon GO at night brings out more nocturnal creatures, like Clefairy and Gastly.


17. When your dad took away your mobile with a bash to stop you from going outside and find Pokemons..


18.  When you throw the pokeball and your Pokemon is set free to wander and thus fled away from you.


Did you know that Pokémon Go was inspired by a 2014 Google April fool’s joke in which a job ad was placed for a Pokémon Master and asked players to explore a map catching Pokémon? The huge interest in the prank sparked an idea and here we are today- a game which revolutionized the conceptual gaming experience.

I am quite sure that you loved the article-a tribute to Pokémon GO players all over the world. Don’t forget to share your Pokémon adventure with us.  Your experiences will enlighten our gaming experience. 😛

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6 thoughts on “POKEMON GO? POKEMON GO!

  1. I watched Pokémon till 8th standard. 😛 And yeah I even named one of my cats Pikachu. Just loved the yellow, furry thing a lot. After getting fed up of Ash losing most of the poke leagues I quit watching it. It’s a never-ending cartoon series.

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