Afraid of Ragging..?? Tips to avoid ragging in EME College

The day I got admission in EME, I was a bit worried about the regular and authenticated sessions of ragging which take place here. The campus hands over the most organized and official interaction of the seniors with freshies by its Department of Mechatronics Engineering. Anyways, instead of sharing my confidential story of ragging, it’s better to share something good with you to tackle the fear in most of yours’ little and innocent minds.. XD

Following are a few tips to minimize the chances of ragging:
1. College Library
In self study hours, make your way straight to the college libraray. It mainly comprises of two blocks. It is preferably advised for you to stick to 1st block because the other one will make its use once you tie your knot :p, well no one knows when.


2. Visit Cafeterias
Being zero meter to campus, why don’t you explore the only greenery of it or make you comfortable at some 5 star cafes of the campus. Or if you are foody, try everything because it won’t be long when you will be screwed by the studies and realization of importance of your grades.

Credits: AKS.eme

3. Stay in your hostel
If you are enjoting the privilege of luxurious accomodation of EME, make your way to your hostel rooms in self study hours, be on your bed and forget
that you are here to explore the mysteries in you. Chill kro yar.. xD

Album: Being an EMEnent

4. Vird E Salam
Being a freshie, make Vird E Salam a routine of yours. Wish everyone because literally, it will help you a lot to make peace with the environment here.

Yeah.. Exactly like that.. XD

5. Display your College ID cards
Now as you are enjoying a precious title of “EMEnent NUSTian”, so tell it to the world. Always display your College ID card.


6. Shashka of MTS Basement
Brave enough..?? Then dare to face us in MTS Basement. Show us some cool moves and let the singing or screaming demons out of you.Chin up, chest out. Strut around
like you’re Sylvester Stallone from Rambo and look everyone straight in the eye. You can even nick your little brother’s toy guns and keep twisting them around in your
hands cowboy-style for added effect.

Album: Being an EMEnent

7. Get Painted
Get bodypainting done in the colours of your college and merge with the walls to avoid detection.


8. Tip for Girls

In self study hours, why don’t you pay a visit to Girls Common Room in the department. Firstly, here is a tip to find that. The one that will be less than the size of a store, will be your destination in this case. Seniors hardly come there so you will get a chance to feel pretty relaxed to fit to the new environment.


If you come across any seniors ragging luckless newbies like yourself, just join the seniors, laughing and back-slapping them like you’ve known them all your life. Punch them playfully on the shoulders and drop in suggestions. Soon they’ll be treating you in the college canteen!
In short, I’ll say that it’s a phase of your university life and everybody who was here, has been through this. And you too have to go through it. It’s your choice whether
you enjoy it or make it a dilemma. Enjoy this time, interact with your seniors as they will be the ones turning out to be your good friends in the years to come and you
will get to learn a lot from them as well as you’ll be getting books and khaapaas too. What majorly can they ask you to do? So it’s better to let your hidden singer out and show them
some cool moves or some of their recommended acts.
Hope to see you guys soon!




4 thoughts on “Afraid of Ragging..?? Tips to avoid ragging in EME College

  1. We were asked to not display our ID cards on first day at University, because by seeing First year written on it anyone can know you are a newbie…. I got ragged cause of the workbooks I had in my hands had First year printed on them, although I took precaution of not displaying my ID card and keeping it in bag. The girl senior to me kept asking for money as a part of ragging, finally after some minutes a passing by security guard scolded her and then she left. Ragging is frustrating… Specially for boys, girls are not ragged to that extent… Boys in NED have a tradition of applying makeup on their junior’s faces. Good post, made me nostalgic… Keep writing…

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    1. Thank you @wish 93.. NUST EME, being an army campus, has it’s own level of ragging. I would say it’s a way to interact with seniors as well as your own mates who get ragged with you, you turn up to be best friends with them in university later on.. AW I appreciate your review!

      Liked by 1 person

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