Mystery of Magic- Revealed

“Come in close, because the more you think you see, the easier it will be to fool you.”

Well, Daniel Atlas of the magical movie ‘Now you see me’ did not lie about this one statement atleast.  I don’t know about you much but hah, I have been fooled by the deceptions of magic dozens of times since childhood. Most common yet the most conning tricks never ceased to troll me; A hat which became a flying pigeon, deadly slicer to cut you into nine pieces, floating man just behind you, scariest blade of Guillotine, endless scarf emerging from a closed fist, a flying card trick and the list of these deceptions just approaches infinity.Every time you see a magician, you are looking at the person who will deceive you right in front of your eyes and yes, over and over again. 😦 A mere, no complicated sleight-of-hand turns into a 100 X 100 Rubik’s cube draining your logical and deductive reasoning while forcing you to believe if its a mystery.

Picture Credits: Tumblr

“The art of effecting changes in consciousness at will.”
William Butler, Apprenticed to Magic, (1962) p. 12

Who can define magic better than the magician himself? The most pressing question, however, is: How the magic works? Even the wisest of us are fooled by the clever tricks of magician. In a blog by Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor, I was reading that the scientists are figuring out how magic tricks us in a research that also helps uncover how our mind actually works. What magicians do is actually to twist our perceptions and make us believe the optical illusions. Magic is like a hallucination that misleads our visual system and hence verifies that the magicians are the creatures with advanced knowledge of human cognition. “As we are looking at the world, we have this impression that what we see is the real world. What this tells us is the way we see the world is more strongly dominated by how we perceive it to be rather than what it actually is,” said researcher and cognitive psychologist Gustav Kuhn at the University of Durham in England. These cognitive illusions are performed by manipulating people’s memory, their logic, and by misdirecting their attention (such as releasing a dove).

While going through the study of the mechanism and tricks behind magic, I, fortunately, came across lecture of The BrainBank– a series of lectures presented by Professor Bruce Hood for the 2011 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. In the lecture, a trick known as ‘The cups and the balls’ by Billy Kidd was demonstrated and explained over. The most interesting thing about the trick was the magical appearance and disappearance of the balls in the cups. Now this is my illusion of brain that the things are vanishing magically and they suddenly appear via magic. But what actually happens is that Billy distracts us by guiding her attention to where she is looking so that we are not paying attention to what she is doing with her other hand; she misdirects our attention and predicts our behavior while she is hiding balls or producing new ones from her bag. So just by putting a required idea in the mind of audience, magicians are able to play with our minds. Note that this is the logic behind just one of the dozens of tricks the magicians perform on us. But there is more to it. Let us find out.

Wingardium Leviosaa levitation charm used by Harry Potter in The Philosopher’s Stone which levitates objects. What if the same magic spell is used by the professional magician in front of the audience? A person is flying around you and all you can remember is a magician calling the magic spell. Levitation is the broad concept and phenomenon which is actually possible in the scientific world. But this scientific phenomenon becomes nothing but a magic spell if cast by a magician. What i am trying to tell you is that the magic depends upon what you believe or what you actually want to believe. More you believe, less closely you watch and more will the magic be revealed upon you.

You may find it hard to believe when Harry Potter casts his magic spells in the Hogwarts but let me make it legitimate NOW ->

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

-Roald Dahl

Believe in magic and then try to find the key of magic box hidden in the deepest desires of your self. Keep on believing in magic and fall for its magic spells so as the magic within you awakens. Fantasy? Nah! It is what I believe in. Because you have a magic inside you; all you need is a magical stick to cast it. 

Do share with us if you had any magical experience in your life. 🙂

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