Tips for Freshmen (DE-38)

For most of us the step up from college to university can be quite confusing and troublesome. The heaviness of a new environment where everyone is a stranger and the fact that you don’t know a thing about the place where you are going to spend 4 important years of your life is a troublesome matter. Majority of the people are confused upon beginning their journey. As a freshman student you need proper guidance and help to set you on track for the rest of your journey.

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Life in EME is not an easy one. If you thought getting into College of EME, NUST, one of the prestigious universities of Pakistan, was an achievement then getting out of EME is an achievement that is far greater. Everything begins during your freshman year and you need to brace yourselves and grab your weapons as all hell is about to break loose! The road ahead will be devastating but every part of it holds equal significance in forming and grooming your personality and in the end you will have a lot of memories to hold on to. We have gathered a few tips for our freshman juniors to help them get started.

Brace yourself for a rocking journey

As Quaid-e-Azam once said, “Expect the best and prepare for the worst” so you’d better be prepared. Life in EME is like taming the tides. You will need to adapt and be ready for everything that is thrown your way.

Go to all orientations – Get to know people

As a newbie you need to socialize and befriend people. Attending your departmental orientation and saying a few hellos will only help you set your feet in. Greet your new batch-mates and friends and you will feel more at home. Apart from your departmental orientation there are also orientations for cool societies where you can do a lot of extracurricular activities. Be sure to attend these as well and socialize with people from different circles and departments.

Go to your classes

Boring??? Yeah, I know. But we have all been through this and we don’t want you to get ‘F’s on attendance. You need to maintain a healthy attendance for any emergencies so don’t miss your classes as it can get you into a lot of trouble later on. Besides you can sleep like a baby in class. You end up getting a good sleep and it doesn’t even affect your attendance. Wow. Moreover, we have heard people saying they magically learn things while sleeping in class and get them as. These people are called ‘Theetas’ which is a unique breed but in abundance here at EME.


If still you don’t get motivation to go to class, to kisi khatoon ko motivation bnao and  attend your classes this way. XD

Get to know your roommate

You are going to live with this creature for the next 4 years and having a good understanding is necessary. Get to terms with your roommate as early as possible and also have some set of rules about your room.

You: Teri baari safai ki.

Roommate: Me nae krta

Disclaimer: He is just your roommate. Don’t try that. Stay safe!


Schedule your tasks:


If you want to have a happy life then scheduling is necessary. Prioritize your tasks and give equal eight to your studies and fun activities. There is no end to “fraaaaandship” in hostels and the hang out time can really get out of hand which can take a toll on your academics. Make a routine and try to stick to it. Before you know it you will be comfortably settled in and won’t have trouble with any of your plans.


Interact with your teachers:

Having a healthy relationship with your teachers is necessary. A good student-teacher relationship can save you from a lot of troubles. Might come in handy if that attendance gets low for whatever reason. Talk to your instructor and explain any problems you might have to him. Most of the students don’t utilize the benefits of this relationship but you won’t know unless you try!


Free Advice: Makkhan lgana ata hai to achi baat hai, nhi to seekh lo beta!! XD

Connect with your seniors and alumni:

Very important. Seniors and alumni know the area and people and they will help you with almost anything. In EME Senior-Junior relationship is similar to that of brothers. I happen to know some of the best people and they are my seniors and really good friends. Seniors can guide you about all the stuff related to internships, career opportunities and societies.

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Maintain good grades:

GPA doesn’t matter? Sure. But it doesn’t harm you to score and do well. A good GPA only increases your chances but doesn’t guarantee anything. Some of the companies require a 3+ GPA even for their tests. If you don’t want to miss any opportunities you should definitely study. Along with GPA try to learn and build a solid skill as well.


Improve Communication Skills:

“EME me thukk lgana nae seekha toh kya seekha” – Every EMEnent

Nobody will know the extent of your skills and knowledge if you can’t communicate it to them properly. Learn to speak and be confident. This is one of the most important things to learn. You can cover your gaps and weaknesses if you know how to turn it around with your words.

Take part in extracurricular activities

Don’t be a theeta. Take part in extracurricular activities. EME gives a lot of opportunities to students for such activities. We have a swimming pool, golf course, riding club and our own indoor sports gymnasium. The facilities are available and you should take advantage. You make a lot of friends going into societies and events. These are also good for your CV as CocaCola’s internship and job requirEMEnts include extracurricular and social activities.

Stop hesitating and get help when you need it:

Whenever you get in trouble tell your friends and seniors. If you are struggling with a subject have a friend or senior teach you. Getting help is better than getting bad grades or worse. You can ask a lot of your experienced seniors as they have gone through this. Most of us teach each other and learn a lot.

Have fun

Whatever happens ,don’t get depressed. Time flies. So ye waqt B guzr he jaye ga.  Make good friends and awesome memories so whenever you look back you have a smiling face. A friendly advice: Don’t try to find your soul mate in the campus. There is 0.00001 % probability that you will get one! :p

You can ask us for any help. Good luck for your journey ahead. Chaa Jana! 😉


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