iBand+: Headband that helps you sleep

The device, iBand+, is simply a solution to your bedtime difficulties. Most of us experience sleeping problems at one time or another. This is normal and can be caused by stress or other outside factors. iBand+ helps you to counter these problems and improves your sleep while enabling you to dream.
Yes, iBand+ is capable of inducing Lucid Dreams!

Recent research shows that lucid dreaming can help improve problem solving, artistic creativity, sports and language skills. Lucid dreaming can make you anyone or anything you want to be!
iBand+ can put you in control of your dreams. You can literally sleep while being awake; in dreams. It will give you a never before experience in the land of dreams while improving your health and sleep.

The headband consists of:

  • 3 dry electrodes that measure EEG signals from the brain
  • 4.0 Bluetooth for wireless connectivity with your smartphone
  • RGB LEDs that make you aware you are dreaming


Having the ability to control your dreams you can shape them in any way you want without having to worry about the laws of physics! You wildest desires and fantasies can now be fulfilled with no consequences.


The iBand+ monitors your body movement, heart rate and temperature as you sleep. It keeps track of your sleeping time to give you a better estimate of how much you should sleep. Even the slightest of losses in your sleep time can cause your daily performance to regress. The headband also features a smart alarm system that wakes you up through stimulated sunlight emitted by the LEDs. You can control the functionality of the headband through the iOS/Android app.

The product is still in the development phase but you can pre-order it from their website. I am very excited about the iBand+, are you?


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