TechPakoray turns ONE!!

It’s been a year I started this blog. The reason being something to do in summer, something other than a technical internship. The writing monster in me had been provoking me to write something in between the oceans of realism and idealism. It had to be something to attract the singles in my friend list, people in my network and my university. Something like Desi masala featuring the poisoned demons of technology in me would be worth it. So, I ended up in getting this idea of a “Pakora” which is an authorized Desi item of South Asian region. I simply magnetized it with the word Tech to form the name.
So the journey began. I made a friend my partner in this thing and the name got modified to “TechPakoray”. Talking about the other one, he is a good man, one who talks about imaginations of lecturer in various positions and poses, who every time has a galaxy of R rated things and stars going on his mind, one who provokes to hire a lap dancer and get a limited version of leisure. Anyways, he always needs to be driven for work. He is a good man though. Yeah, just a good man.!
I happened to have a traitor in my team too. A female candidate who had been striving to write, to top in studies, to boost the average every single time we had an exam and a geek. Traitor in the aspect that she just made a shift to a blog that earns. Damn. Unlike mine one, who just focuses on different life aspects and journeys, and obviously money isn’t the focus yet. I have a strong feeling of eliminating that woman from my SHIELD but who knows, may be she would invest on this blog while earning the money from other one. Anyways, I would have made myself prepared for life trolls because they ain’t new one. I have been trolled more humbly, beautifully and gracefully. May be I’m the one who doesn’t learn from his mistakes because I don’t want to. Still, Hey Traitor! Yeah you. GO!!! Our focus ain’t money. We produce real content. Heavy one. XD
I had an idea to promote this online forum to a platform of career counseling but somehow it needs to be worked on. I have also wasted some pakoras but they were needed to make my dish look full. ๐Ÿ˜› Uptil now, the journey has been good. I write when I get into mood. I have been asked to publish my sketches here, and I will.. Else remains the urge to read into which I got more involved. So, life is going on and I’m just living the moments, trying to forget and move on, striving to hold my demons and a romantic beast of mine. Let’s see where it gets me to. Anyways! I do thank everyone who even once read any article or visited. That’s the only reason I’m still standing in the thrilling waves of this monstrous ocean. I mean WordPress.. ๐Ÿ˜›
Hail Hitler!!
Hail TechPakoray!!


7 thoughts on “TechPakoray turns ONE!!

  1. Oh! I am famous after being featured at the REAL platform. =D
    Btw, it ain’t the money only that THE TRAITOR is following. If writing occasionally off and on can be converted into a professional job, hey, chill man, your shield is all I have ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ! :p Plus, every startup needs money, a lot of money, so c’mon! =D

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    1. P.S The content on you is nothing serious. It is sort of.. But take it as my part of congratulations to you. :p And do share it with your worthy caption. I haven’t fired you yet.. xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! No offense at all. If someone got offended, you would have seen something else, believe me 3:) I am always honored by your kind words and heartiest congratulations BOSS! :p

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