Around the world in 80 Days! Free of cost and Free of Responsibility

One fine night of the summer last year, while I sat tight on my bed, with a track list to hear or a movie to watch, which I’m not sure at the moment, an idea struck in my mind. From the list of my aims, diary of my games, and demons of my burning flames, there was one to travel the world, to have an exposure of its beauty, grace, mighty mountains and the oceans flowing with a random pace. So, I closed the lid of my laptop, to the playing tracks I made a full stop, and laid on my bed, hoping to explore the internet first, accepting I wasn’t ready for the worst and waiting for the moment to be right or just. Placing my head on my pillow, facing the bed front, I unlocked my phone, with a happy tune, for it had been just a few weeks, that not being aware of the technical leaks, I bought a new handset. Tapping on YouTube application icon, I searched for “How to travel world free of cost.” I wandered my sight through the search results, home of breezing huts and not tapping for the ones, who seemed to be nuts, I opened a video. A man with a Sufi personality, made me wonder about his technicality, exposure and everything that mattered at that time, that somehow I’m gonna get the best plan, may be I would just sit in a van, holding a soft drink can, may be in my left hand, and setting the ear phones on a soft band, I would just leave for the tour after watching that video.

So it began. It started with the man appearing on the stage, in front of an audience, listening to him with a radiance and seemed to be an expedience while playing the act of obedience. I watched, I listened, I planned and while the half video was played, my phone got switched off itself. I worried, was hurried to restart it, find a charger, trying harder, that somehow, the spring would come back and I may time travel to moments back. Despite of all the efforts my heart beat made, of all the tricks in that insanity I played and the holy verses in silence I prayed, it didn’t lighten up. Nothing could bring back the lights it had, the shine its screen used to have, I missed that and I was ready to be kissed by any black man if it would light up for a moment. It didn’t. The mother board was dead and I was beautifully trolled by an urge to explore the world. It’s been 273 days I haven’t played any such video nor the idea of travelling the world hit my brain for another single time. May be I would plan that at some other part of my life and may be I won’t. So for now, keep your feet on the ground and start looking for a job because nothing comes easy. Nothing! Nothing!!


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