Boundaries and the night!

While the darkness getting at its extreme..

The pain in my head gets deeper and deeper..

Perhaps its an impact of the theme..

I followed at a concert last evening..

With a wish to see someone in a scheme..

Featuring a cloak of red and black..

Someone to appear in my dream..

Enjoying a chocolate ice cream..

With me on a planet far away..

It doesn’t need to be a Nicholas Spark’s play..

Yet my imagination has this kind of portray..

Been days and nights..

I observed those heights..

That shadow and that gate..

Maundering in the dark lights..

Makes me wonder I miss that..

I miss someone far away from me..

Who used to be in occupied boundaries..

Those boundaries have been shattered..

That used to be mattered..

For some days, they have widened..

As if a diamond got lightened..

Far away from Rome, from its home..

And at this part of the night..

In a self created zone of smoke trees..

While an army of tiny creatures..

In a valley where meets..

Water of two silent seas..

Waving my hand on mark of the bite..

On my left arm, while I sit tight..

I’m taking pills of Panadol with bottle of Sprite..

Not knowing what type of chemical reactions..

Gonna take place in my stomach’s connections..

I’ll call this the night..

I’m calling this the night..


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