A Star for my Scars!!

Don’t ask me about the title because I don’t have an appropriate one. Don’t ask me for the conclusion because the person I talk about ain’t an adequate one. And don’t overstep your bounds while thinking because this story ain’t inchoate one!

    You are like a force, the one like gravity! Just like it attracts everything back to ground, you enlighten me, my stars, my scars, tighten me with strings much light and rare, that I am addicted to this care of yours now. The light boosts my wisdom, my thoughts, my gentle, my heart and I shine more with a roar that can’t be heard but can only be felt. And there may exist the people that can get melted by the light when I shine, but I don’t want to spread it, like a thread which may get broken, like a bread which may get stolen from a bakery with so much to offer and so much to cook. Oh dear, listen to me, and don’t stop me. I admit that I am getting darker and darker with the darkness of the night, and the perks of my shine are getting mild, but trust me! Trust me and hear me. Come near and bear me, my pen, my page and my rage! For you are the one I am exposed to, composed of my dark passengers and companions, opposed to uncertainties and mainstreams. But I guess that’s what I am supposed to, for I don’t mean to be imposed to, my thoughts and weird personality on you. I guess I am diagnosed to write, may be to hide, but you make me. You make me make words, bringing them on a track, like lyrics of a song, metaphors of a poem or may be an anthem’s standardized remarks. The thing is there is no easy way to say that the best dreams I’ve had are the ones in which i die. There isn’t an easy way to say that I hate myself for not having the courage to leap in front of moving cars or my silent scars. I hate myself for lacking this courage. I do!!


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