Dream from last night

I don’t know what’s up with my dreams these days and nights, mainly days. I mean, I just had a dream and saw a plane getting crashed. Yes, it was PIA’s but don’t know when did they start planning their crash schemes in my dreams. Wandering in the same dream nightclub, there was another dream that some Mullah brothers from my hostel kidnapped me and started applying some algorithms of black magic on me. I’m screaming for help and even my roommate is laughing at me. The dream night doesn’t just end here rather it goes on and on. It’s not that I have been planning to spend a dream night at the zoo. It’s not that I dream everynight about the same person but the genre remains the same. Sort of same thing happened again, perhaps just after a few minutes that I found myself in another dream world and the dream was about being in a race where strayed dogs follow you. I don’t exactly remember this one but it ended up with a hole in my tongue. I’m not really getting what my stars are up to at this part of my life but one thing is for sure, I’m going to die soon and alone. I just hope that these dreams come true. I’m afraid that even writing about these dreams is another dream from last night that I’m having at the moment.

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