“Tohfaa” startling the arena at NERC’17

15th National Engineering and Robotics contest was held in EME College on Saturday where more than one hundred and sixty teams from engineering and technology institutes participated in the event. The undergraduate students showed their skills in programming robots while the university level students exhibited unmanned vehicles they had developed for performing multiple functions, including defence related tasks.

The event is organized annually by the National University of Science and Technology to promote the culture of robotics technology in the country. The most “Khuwaar” crew of this campus makes arrangements for the event and 3rd year students from Mechatronics Engineering Department spend days and nights fighting to make their robot run and shatter the arena.

It has been a tradition at renovated arena that the strongest robots take a fall while the steady ones or “Guzarey wale” tend to qualify for every round. Sort of same phenomenon at God’s green earth was witnessed and team “Toahfaa” marked its name as 2nd runner up at the event. According to an authorized resource, this place and an outstanding performance wasn’t expected from this bunch of geeks appearing in the photo below. Even a group member was seen offering Nawafil for a decent exit but they seem to take “Make Believe” advice from Federer too seriously.

While talking to blog, a member from the 2nd runner up said,” Yaqeen kren in 3 saalon me pehli dffa fakhar mehsoos huwa hai is department ka bashinda hone pe”.

Well, we hope that on miraculous basis, this department keeps on making you proud in the future too.

CONGRATS Team “Toahfaa” for this wonderful achievement.

Geeks from the crew are as:

Saad Imran

Waqar Javed

Talal Akhtar

Muhammad Suhaib Tanveer,

Muhammad Idrees

AbdurRehman Mubashir



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